Impression of Enervisa

Project overview and effects

The monitor facilitates municipalities to plan, register and evaluate energy and climate policy. Municipalities can login to the website and add project details to a database. The resulting energy savings, renewable energy production and CO2 emissions reductions from the projects are calculated.

Visualisation progress and planned projects

Also, the results are plotted against baselines providing the users insight in progress towards energy and climate targets. In the visualisation below the CO2 emission ambitions ('Ambitie', green) and planned projects already in Enervisa ('Verwachte uitstoot', blue) of Municipality Castricum are shown next to the autonomous development ('Autonome ontwikkeling', black).

Project map in categories

Each project is visualized on the map, with an icon for a category, such as wind power, solar power or energy savings (purple). Below you'll find the map zoomed in at Municipalities Castricum and Heemskerk in the Province North of Holland.

Benchmark CO2 emissions reductions municipalities

In future Enervisa will stimulate Municipalities to learn from others and share projects. Currently, the Province can visually compare municipalities in their efforts of reducing CO2 emissions.  Below an example of five relevant municipalities: the yearly CO2 reductions of Municipality Alkmaar per habitant are much larger than the other selected municipalities (green bars).

The blue bars indicate the part of the reductions caused by sustainable energy production (e.g. wind power, solar power). The lowest bar shows the average reduction of the five municipalities shown ('Gemiddelde reductie').


Development of Enervisa

At present, Enervisa has successfully been implemented by over 35% of all municipalities in The Netherlands. A next step would be to cross national borders and become a European endeavor. 

The monitor can serve as a European platform for cross-country comparison and evaluation of policy instruments and programmes. A platform for sharing success stories and lessons learned on the European level.